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    Philips TL5 Essential Super80 is a new fluorescent lamp which provides home users and professional end-users an aesthetic miniaturized lighting solution with high reliability at low price.


    40% less tube dimension than T8 fluorescent lamps. Reducing luminaire, stock and transportation cost
    Slim 16 mm tube allows more compact and flexible luminaire design
    Max lumen output at 35°C ambient temperature, more suitable to actual lighting situation
    Comfortable working and living ambiences with CRI more than 80
    Provides highly reliable and high quality lighting solution at low cost
    Creates atmospheres from warm white to cool daylight


    Small diameter of 16mm only
    "Cold Chamber" technology
    Applied with electronic ballast for TL5 only
    Operate at temperature from 5°C to 50°C


    Work with electronic ballast for TL5 fluorescent lamps only. Philips electronic ballast is preferred.


    Suitable for use at locations where need compact, high efficient, energy saving lighting. Including offices, shops, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and industrial lighting.

    Avvertenze e sicurezza

    20,000 hours lifetime (50% survival point, 3 hour cycle) with preheat ballast which is ENEC compliant. Lifetime performance may differ on non-ENEC compliant ballasts.
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